May 14, 2014

Teeth, crawling, and 7 months old.

Ofie has developed and grown so much in the past few months that I can't believe she's only 7 months old! She started army crawling at 5 months and is now full on crawling and can climb up the first few stairs. She's standing up on everything! She's also getting 4 top teeth right now except the middle 2 so she looks like a baby vampire and it's hilarious. She loves to follow her brother around and loves being outside in the pool with him, it's basically the only way we can get them to play together. Link avoids her at all costs because she bullies him and he is scared of her. This age has been so much fun and it's so exciting to see her reach all these new milestones.

Feb 12, 2014

Ofelia at 4 months

Our little baby Ofie has turned 4 months old and she's the light of our lives! We all love on her so much during the day and she is a total ham about it, girl loves attention! She weighs almost 15 pounds and is only 24 3/4 inches long, just a short and fat ball of love. She's learning to grasp and pull to her mouth and she absolutely loves to pull my hair. She learned how to roll over one night and has been doing it non stop since, she goes from back to belly and gets really frustrated over it. Her hair is falling out so bad and Chase always says she looks like Chuck Liddell because of her mohawk, poor girl. I'm pretty sure she's going to be crawling soon because she can get up on her toes and forearms like a plank and she wants to move so so bad! She has been trying to crawl since she rolled, probably because her brother runs around all day and she loves it. She's loud and hilarious and we can't get enough of her rolley polley thighs! We love our little nugget so much!

Dec 5, 2013

New things happening

It's been 9 weeks since Ofie joined our family even though it feels like shes been with us forever. It's impossible to remember what we did before her. Lots of new things have happened since I last updated so let's see if I can remember them all.

Link is doing so good with his speech therapy. He's saying new words and making new sounds. He's interacting with us so much more when he plays and actually wants us to join him. He makes great eye contact and is trying hard to tell us what he wants when he wants something. His sign language skills have improved too which is so nice because it's easier for us to communicate with him without screaming and whining. He had his 2nd birthday and I still can't believe he's 2 years old! I'm trying to be patient with his terrible two-ness but some days I give up and just let him throw fits and cry. It's exhausting having 2 kids under 2 but it's getting easier.

Ofelia is definitely my chubby baby! Link never filled out like she has and I couldn't be happier with her fat rolls! She just turned 2 months old and is just over 12 pounds and 22 inches tall. Short and fat :) She has amazing neck strength and control and can hold her head up and turn it side to side like nothing. She smiles and coos all day long and LOVES watching Link play around her. She smiles the most at him and it's the cutest thing.

Chase is working at Pearson education and he is doing amazingly well. He's been offered some leadership training so he can eventually, hopefully sooner rather than later, move up to a management position. He works so hard and it's definitely paying off for him. He's almost done with his first degree in school but will be going for his bachelors immediately after finishing his associates. We couldn't be happier with where he is at in work and school and fee like we're finally getting ahead in life.

Life has been crazy, tiring, exciting, and fulfilling lately and I hope it continues to be great!

Oct 30, 2013

Ofelia Adeline's birth story

Well today marks 4 weeks since we brought little sister home so I figured I should write her birth story down so I won't forget it. I still can't believe she's 4 weeks old!

October 1st- 1 day before my due date and we had our last prenatal class that night. My blood pressure had been consistently high and I was starting to show signs of preeclampsia so I'd been tested twice at the hospital but everything came back negative. We went to our class and was having our "tummy time" with a midwife that I'd only seen once before so I was kinda bummed since I wouldn't be able to discuss a birth plan with my regular midwife. Well turns out my blood pressure was high again and Kim (the midwife) said ok I'm done messing around with your blood pressure so you're going to the hospital right now to get extensive testing and we'll induce you tonight if it's positive and tomorrow if it's negative. We were both in shock! We weren't ready for that at all so luckily my mom was already watching Link and we packed up our stuff and headed to the hospital for a 3rd time. I had blood work, ultrasounds, monitoring, the works. We were discharged at 10 pm because my tests weren't bad enough to medically induce me and our hospital won't let you get induced until your due date. Chase took me home and I ate some dinner and at midnight I headed back to the hospital ALONE to be induced.

October 2nd- Since I was already 60% effaced but only 1cm dilated they decided start me on gels to get me fully effaced and then maybe I would dilate. I remember my nurse saying these gels never work the first time and they usually have to come back the next day to be induced again so I was ready to do a round of gels then go home and try again. Well that didn't happen. After my second dose of gels my contractions were getting really painful and a lot closer together. I never felt any contractions with Link so I wasn't sure if it was contractions or the cramps that the gels cause so when the nurse came to check me she was shocked to find that I was already 4 cm dilated! She told Kim and I was admitted after being in labor for 5 hours. I called Chase and told him to come down to the hospital. By the time he got there I was at 7 cm and in serious pain. I'll never forget him walking into the room and seeing his face, he looks so worried because I was crying through every contraction at that point. At that point I decided to get an epidural because I was so exhausted from being awake for over 30 hours. We relaxed and I slept a little, it was nice. Around 10 30 am I was feeling tons of pressure so Kim broke my water and it was so relieving. I was dilated to 9cm at that point so they left Chase and I alone but about a minute later I kept telling him that I really needed to push. I buzzed the nurse and she didn't answer and I started to kinda panic because I was trying to not push so hard but I couldn't hold it in anymore. Chase went to get the nurse when she finally answered me and I yelled through the intercom that I'm going to start pushing. Kim and the nurses ran in the room and got everything set up and I started pushing right away. I got through a few pushes and she was already started to crown, and to my dismay my epidural had worn off so I was feeling it for sure. After 2 contractions Ofelia came out and was laid directly on my chest. We all cried. They left her on my chest for almost an hour before they took her to get cleaned and weighed. Chase cut her cord after it stopped pulsing and then she nursed for the first time and did perfectly! She weighed 7 lbs 4 oz and was 20.5 inches, born at 10:58 am.

I wouldn't change anything in her birth story. It was perfect and so is she. We are so happy to have little sister in our family.

Jul 29, 2013

Baby Ofelia and Toddler Link

Well I'm officially the worst at blogging. Not a lot has happened since my last post but since I need to write things down here goes.

I'm 31 weeks pregnant and soo over the summer heat!! I'm constantly sweating and hot and it's horrible.
Ofelia is measuring 2 weeks smaller than normal but she's still very very healthy and on track so we're hoping for a little baby that will just slide out!
Link is almost 2 which is blowing my mind, I can't even believe it. He's a little behind on his speech and structured play so we start speech therapy in August to help speed things along. He is very smart but he just needs a little nudge.

Chase started a new job today at Pearson Education and we're soooo happy! He is going to be working the IT department which is the first step in his career. He'll still be doing school until next year and then start his bachelors right after. He's doing a great job juggling school, work, and being dad, we're so proud of him.

Life is going great and we're dying for the next 2 months to fly by! We are so excited to meet our baby girl and celebrate Link's 2nd birthday all within a month! Whew!

Jun 27, 2013


Link just turned 19 months old and while he is very active and healthy, he refuses to communicate with us and as you can imagine it gets very frustrating for all of us. When he wants something he'll yell and scream at me and then I lose my cool and yell back and it's not the kind of environment I want in our home. We are working on getting him to use his words or signing but man it is hard. I'm definitely learning my patience limit and it's not very high but I'm hoping that changes. I'm getting so overwhelmed by all the rules and guidelines there are to being a parent these days. Everywhere I look there's a rule about this and that and they always contradict each other and it can be so overwhelming and discouraging. If you yell at your child then they will have self esteem issues but if you don't yell then they will walk all over you and you'll have no power, yada yada. It's extremely hard being a parent, especially a first time parent that is parenting alone most of the time, and all these rules and suggestions make it even harder when they are supposed to help. I'm trying to remember throughout this process that Link is my child and I love him no matter what and I know he loves me, even if I do lose my temper sometimes. I sure wish we had a universal handbook to parenting and that it actually worked.

Jun 25, 2013

body image

Lately I've been thinking a lot about body image and how I'm going to portray a positive outlook onto my kids. I have never felt like I'm not pretty enough or that my body isn't good enough because my parents have always lifted me up and showed me how to respect myself and love the body I have. I always wear modest clothing because that's what I feel most comfortable in even though I don't wear garments and can wear whatever I want to now that I'm an adult. I've never owned a bikini because exposing that much of myself makes me feel unwanted and like a piece of meat. Do I always love my body and the way I look? No, I have days where I complain about leftover baby weight and how I don't look good in my clothes but I would never let myself feel like I'm not enough for someone else because of how I look. I want my kids to feel that when they are older. I don't want them to feel insecure or uncomfortable with what they have been given. Positive body image is so important to teach children at a young age and I just hope that I can do that for my kids.