Dec 5, 2013

New things happening

It's been 9 weeks since Ofie joined our family even though it feels like shes been with us forever. It's impossible to remember what we did before her. Lots of new things have happened since I last updated so let's see if I can remember them all.

Link is doing so good with his speech therapy. He's saying new words and making new sounds. He's interacting with us so much more when he plays and actually wants us to join him. He makes great eye contact and is trying hard to tell us what he wants when he wants something. His sign language skills have improved too which is so nice because it's easier for us to communicate with him without screaming and whining. He had his 2nd birthday and I still can't believe he's 2 years old! I'm trying to be patient with his terrible two-ness but some days I give up and just let him throw fits and cry. It's exhausting having 2 kids under 2 but it's getting easier.

Ofelia is definitely my chubby baby! Link never filled out like she has and I couldn't be happier with her fat rolls! She just turned 2 months old and is just over 12 pounds and 22 inches tall. Short and fat :) She has amazing neck strength and control and can hold her head up and turn it side to side like nothing. She smiles and coos all day long and LOVES watching Link play around her. She smiles the most at him and it's the cutest thing.

Chase is working at Pearson education and he is doing amazingly well. He's been offered some leadership training so he can eventually, hopefully sooner rather than later, move up to a management position. He works so hard and it's definitely paying off for him. He's almost done with his first degree in school but will be going for his bachelors immediately after finishing his associates. We couldn't be happier with where he is at in work and school and fee like we're finally getting ahead in life.

Life has been crazy, tiring, exciting, and fulfilling lately and I hope it continues to be great!

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