Jun 27, 2013


Link just turned 19 months old and while he is very active and healthy, he refuses to communicate with us and as you can imagine it gets very frustrating for all of us. When he wants something he'll yell and scream at me and then I lose my cool and yell back and it's not the kind of environment I want in our home. We are working on getting him to use his words or signing but man it is hard. I'm definitely learning my patience limit and it's not very high but I'm hoping that changes. I'm getting so overwhelmed by all the rules and guidelines there are to being a parent these days. Everywhere I look there's a rule about this and that and they always contradict each other and it can be so overwhelming and discouraging. If you yell at your child then they will have self esteem issues but if you don't yell then they will walk all over you and you'll have no power, yada yada. It's extremely hard being a parent, especially a first time parent that is parenting alone most of the time, and all these rules and suggestions make it even harder when they are supposed to help. I'm trying to remember throughout this process that Link is my child and I love him no matter what and I know he loves me, even if I do lose my temper sometimes. I sure wish we had a universal handbook to parenting and that it actually worked.


  1. Paige, I totally understand where your at. Talmage didnt start communicating/talking until he was 3 years old. Being a parent is hard stuff. Something that we have found helpful and I am not perfect with it by any means, but if someone talks rude or screams/whines for something we say "Try again" it took my kids a while to get the hang of it, and still sometimes we "try again" 5 times before they get the hint that I am not going to help them if they are mean/rude to me. Being that he doesnt talk yet, you may try "Link I don't know what you want, can you try again and show me". And as I say I am not perfect and loose my cool many, many times {a day}. Hope you guys find something that works for you guys.

  2. You are doing an amazing job, Link just has a HUGE spirit and so so busy! He will do great things. :) And he has such a caring mom who makes sure he will do great things! I know he will start so soon with communicating better! He already is so smart with his sign language.
    I know it is discouraging with all the "do this" and "do that"! But you are such a wonderful example to me, such a patient mom and strong mom. And a selfless mom.
    So thank you.