May 30, 2013

Little lemon

Holy cow do we have one active little girl on our hands already! I have a feeling she's going to be just like her brother which honestly scares me a little. Link is such a handful and has more energy in him than any toddler I've ever seen, and I've taught and watched many many toddlers. Although, if they both have tons of energy they can just wear each other out so that's nice :) I'm 22 weeks now and I feel like time is flying by ever since we found out the sex. We're hoping for her to come at the end of September like the midwife predicts but I'm not counting on it. My stomach is growing leaps and bounds and I think she made a major growth spurt because I can feel every single little kick and punch and she's pretty powerful, I can already feel her from the outside. I'm so excited to meet this lemon, and I'm even more excited to share her with Link.

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