Apr 20, 2013

Second pregnancy updates

I'm terrible this pregnancy about writing things down and taking pictures, I just don't have time anymore! I wish I had written this down beforehand because I'm sure they aren't 100% right since I can't remember much these days but I'll try.

January 27th we found out we were having baby #2!

February 2nd we announced our 6 week old bean to the world.

February 22nd we had our first ultrasound and heard/saw the heartbeat at 165 BPM

March 26th was the 12 week appointment and heard the heartbeat (160 BPM) after a scare with some bleeding.

April 17th was the 16 week appointment and the heartbeat was strong at 150 BPM and I'm feeling lots of flutters and tiny kicks now.

I'm having a hard time remembering that I am pregnant this time around since Link keeps me on my toes all day long. I am starting to pop out quite a bit though so once in a while I'll look down and see a big belly and remember that I'm pregnant haha! We get to find out the sex next month and we're keeping it a surprise for a little while since I can't decide how I want to tell everyone yet. We are so excited and so happy that we get to experience this all over again, it's truly a miracle and a blessing and I'm thankful every day that I was able to get pregnant again. Hopefully I can remember to write things down, if my mom/pregnant brain will let me!

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