Feb 7, 2013


So I've already announced it but we're having baby #2 in early October! I've always hated October, the weather is still hot in the valley, I hate Halloween, and it's still too far away from Christmas to listen to Christmas music. But this year I'm more than excited for October to arrive. I was pretty shocked to see 2 pink lines on the pregnancy test on January 27th. I hadn't been feeling myself lately but since my period was still a few days off I waited to test. Chase was gone with Link and his brother Hayden so I ran to the store and bought a test and rushed home before they got back so I could have time to test and compose myself, regardless of the outcome. I took the test and flipped it over so I couldn't see the lines, the waiting is the hardest part for me and a watched pot never boils, so I did the dishes while I waited for exactly 3 minutes. The lines we pretty faint so I freaked out and took another one, and sure enough 2 very bold pink lines were staring me in the face! Chase got home and we were heading to my parents' house to have Sunday dinner and I said wait hold on I need something in my purse. I grabbed the stick out and he just said are you?? I cried and he smiled and then we asked Link if he wanted a baby and he shook his head no and then signed baby. It was perfect. So here we are, almost 7 weeks pregnant and I'm still in shock. I haven't been sick at all, which is awesome. I'm really tired all day but that's the only symptom I'm having right now. We are so incredibly happy to welcome a new baby into our lives! I already feel so blessed to have Link and now I'm just overwhelmed with happiness. October, you can't come soon enough!

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