Feb 7, 2012


is it bad that I'm already planning for our next baby? I mean, how could I not when we obviously make such cute babies? I know I sound crazy and I know moms of multiple children are thinking, "is she insane?", but I want another baby. My pregnancy was such an incredible experience that I can't wait to go through it again. I had an amazing labor and delivery, even though I was almost 2 weeks overdue. The feeling of knowing I gave LIFE to a human being is such a high that I want to do it all over again! We plan on having another soon but not too soon. I love being a mom.


  1. Your not too crazy. I wanted mine closer together like 12-13 months apart. Unfortunately that didn't happen, but you should give your body a little time to heal. But I cant wait to see another little baby from you two!

  2. You are NOT crazy hahaha. Yeah, you make freaking cute kids so carry on! haha. I was actually sitting in Theron's room thinking of little girl names. Obviously I will wait longer haha but I kinda....KINDA miss being pregnant. Just KINDA! Cause the last few weeks I was miserable. But yeah I totally know what high you are talking about! An adrenaline rush that is not like any other. hahaha. I love love love being a mom!