Feb 21, 2012

3 months and a tooth

Apparently we have an advanced child. Link's little body has decided that 3 months old would be a good age to cut his first tooth! I seriously was in shock tonight when he bit my finger and it actually hurt. There is definitely a tooth on the right side of his bottom gums. Where is my tiny baby and when did he grow up? I'm feeling very nostalgic. He turns 3 months on Friday and I still can't believe he came from my body. Crazy. He weighs roughly 14 1/2 pounds and I haven't measured him but we go back for his 4 month shots in a month so we'll get an accurate measurement there. He is growing so fast. He can hold his giant head up with ease, he LOVES to sit up like a big boy and hates to be on his back, he grabs for toys and chews on everything! He's still trying to figure out the whole napping thing but it's getting better. We love this boy and his silly giggles and his crazy faces. Oh and he LOVES taking baths in the big boy tub with mama. He even dunks his head under without crying, makes me proud :)
Super excited about his first tooth!

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  1. He is SO CUTE! ANd I love his little teeth! He is advanced, a super kid. Haha.