Jan 18, 2012

8 weeks

Have 8 weeks really gone by since I gave birth? Holy moley this year is alre
ady flying by!! I can't believe that 8 weeks ago I was still super pregnant and miserable and now I have the cutest baby boy who can almost hold his head up by himself, smile and giggle, and blow a ridiculous amount of spit/milk bubbles. He weighs about 12 pounds and is already in 3 month clothes and almost into size 2 diapers, we've got a chubby boy on our hands! I don't even remember having a life before him, it feels like he's been here our whole lives. We are totally in love with baby Link and can't wait to have another(maybe me more than Chase :)


  1. I love him. He is soooooooo handsome! I cannot wait til our boys can have like legit play dates. :) haha. YAY!

    1. me too! they are already growing up so fast :)