Mar 3, 2010


WE made it!!! 1200 miles later and one insane day in San Francisco! What an amazing trip. The best so far. To begin we piled everything we own in and on top of the Focus including all 3 of us. It was some serious packing done by the boys. We left for California and hit pretty much every type of weather on the way there(just like the first time we came to Oregon.) Of course we picked the day to travel when a tropical storm was blowing through Cali... of course. It snowed, rained( a lot), strong winds, ice, fog, and I think thats it.. We made it to our hotel and had the best Greek food ever.

Okay so one thing you need to know before I tell you the city part is that Cameron gets way overexcited about things and goes crazy. So when he said he wanted to see everything in the city, he meant it and we saw it. We walked about 15 miles that day. UGH! We started early morning at the piers and went to the best farmer's market I've ever been to. Walked through the city to get back to our car and saw what we thought might be a dead bum under newspaper( not the only one we saw that day either). Then my camera broke.. Yep at 9 in the morning on the best trip I've taken my damn camera broke. Good thing Cameron took 400 pictures, literally. We then proceeded to The Haight which is the "hippie" district and of course I went into every shop but we spent most of our time in Buffalo Exchange.. which we already have 3 of in the valley. After that Cameron begged us to see the Full House house so we looked it up and it was sadly disappointing. It doesn't even have the big grassy hill by it in the opening credits!! RIP OFF! We left to go see Castro. Castro is the gay district. And I mean GAY. Cameron and Chase were so uncomfortable but I loved it. Everyone was so nice and they had the best interior decor stores!! I could totally live there. Oh and a gay bakery with penis shaped brownies with coconut hair haha soo ggoooooodd! We then went to Japantown, ate lunch at which time Cameron thought it would be a good idea to make fun of the Japanese lady's accent when she was standing there.. idiot, and I got the cutest little lunch set with mini chopsticks! We decided we wanted to go to Berekely and it was around 4 at that time but Cameron is a night owl and wanted to go late so he could go to college parties. As we are driving out of the city we see Chinatown, big mistake. We found parking about a mile away and decided to walk and get something to eat and maybe a fake Chanel bag :) when we stumbled upon the Chinese New Year's Day Parade. I have never seen so many people in my life. There were probably 60,000 people in the streets of Nob Hill and Chinatown. We snuck backstage and got to try on the masks and take pictures with the parade people. We made our way through everyone in Nob Hill, which is the ritzy party of town, past Chanel, Juicy, Neimann Marcus, Guess, the biggest Tiffany's I've ever seen. Just let me tell you I wanted to live there. So we got into Chinatown and it was like a war zone. People were running through the streets, there was trash everywhere, kids were lighting off firecrackers. It was terrifying. I hated it.. So after we toured Chinatown we made our 5 miles hike back to the car. Needless to say it was a very adventurous day in the city. Oh and we went to Berekely and ate the best crepes ever. Nutella crepes at Crepes A Go-Go are the best things in the world.

So now we are back and Chase is working like a dog and I recently was hired as a substitute teacher in a preschool but hopefully becoming full time soon. Sorry this post was so long but it was a long trip. :)


  1. Jer and I wanted to go to San Fransisco for our anniversary this year. I have always wanted to go explore that city. I have heard it is awesome. I am mad we didn't go! It sounds fun! Maybe next year. Congrats on the job.

  2. sounds like a fun/exhausting trip back home! Glad to have you back in Az. make sure you post any projects you have going in your new place :)

  3. how fun!
    Im glad you're back:)
    We for sure need to get together sometime.

  4. um, FUN!! i want to travel with you!