Mar 16, 2010


So I haven't updated since we moved back so I figured I might as well. Chase is working like 55 hours a week and is soooo tired everyday. Poor guy, but he is enjoying working again after almost a year of not working. He works with his uncle in Gilbert as an accounting assistant for Overweight Logistics Inc. Its import/export of goods and such. He is hoping to move up the ladder so he can make more money,(maybe thats just me hoping for that). I am currently a sub for a preschool and enjoy it. I of course got sick the first week I worked there but hopefully thats a one time deal.

We are looking for houses, condos, apartments, whatever in Chandler, Queen Creek, Gilbert area if anyone knows of any. We are living with my in laws right now to save some money since Oregon drained us! But hopefully we will be out and on our own again. It feels good to be back close to friends and family again.


  1. Paige! i'm happy to hear you're in the valley again!!! :)

  2. well i don't know if you wanna live this far out. I don't think its too bad. Rich works on Gilbert and Guadalupe. It takes him about 30 min to get to work. But the apartments we live in are really nice. They are brand new. we are the first to live in our apartment. and they are a lot more roomy than most. And they have good deals like every month

  3. Oh that would be great!! Chase works on Gilbert and Elliot so he could walk hahah!! What are they called and how much a month?