Feb 15, 2010

food and kitchen things

So I have become overjoyed that we will be moving back to Arizona and moving into our own place again( well a place with Cameron for a while but still it's our own mostly). I am dying to paint and decorate and whatnot so I have been looking around for ideas and such and I want these items. I must have them :)


  1. I love that kitchen! I wish I could paint my cabinets in my kitchen. Someday, when we have our own house again.

  2. We know how you feel when nobody comments on a blog, I guess we do have ours listed as private so that may be why. I just wanted to drop you a comment and wish you a safe trip back to AZ. :)
    (sharer of the same name)
    -Paige Kay

  3. can i just say i am so happy you are moving here!

  4. Heidi I know. I love it. I want it.

    Paige- Thank you!

    Soph- I KNOW!! I can't wait to come back.