Feb 7, 2010

19 days left and time couldn't go by slower.

Only 19 days left til we make the trek back to Arizona, only this time we will be moving all our items plus Cameron and his items in our tiny Focus. Beverley Hillbillies? I think so. We will be stopping at my favorite city in the world, San Fran and then to Berkeley because Crepes A Go-Go is a must stop in the Bay Area. Besides I love the crazies who walk around the campus. So here I am at Starbucks updating my blog because we have no internet since the person we stole it from moved a while back.. UGH! What a pain but it's only for 19 more days.. 19 days. Serenity now.

I haven't told work yet that we are even moving because I hate hate hate giving my 2 weeks. I feel like a cheap hooker for some reason when I do. Hopefully I can muster the gusto and do it before my 2 weeks are up..

Anyways I am getting soo pumped to go back and find a house/or apartment that I can decorate. I am really into shabby chic English cottage decor and have the best stuff for a house. I can't wait!!! So you will be hearing from me when I get to a place with internet. Til then I bid you adieu.

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