Sep 2, 2011

so proud

I have such ambitious friends and I live vicariously through them since I am a married and pregnant housewife and don't get out much. Most of my friends went to very prestigious schools after high school and now that they are graduated or moving onto grad school/med school they go on some awesome adventures. My 2 best friends in the world have traveled around a lot and now one of them is living in Bangeldesh for a year as a student teacher at a women's college. I am so proud to know her! Lauren you are such an inspiration!! This is her blog if you are interested in following her, which I recommend you do.

I cannot leave out my bff/maid of honor Marikah. This girl is the smartest person on the planet, I swear. We have been best friends since 5th grade and literally have never fought or argued once. She is my soul mate! She just finished up school at Penn State and just rocked the MCATS and is waiting to get into med school. I just am so so so proud of her! I'm so lucky to have friends who are so educated and ambitious and I am so excited to introduce Link to them and share with him their knowledge.

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