Jul 23, 2011

just a thought

Today when I woke up at 8, Link was moving an awful lot like he usually does in the mornings. But something about today just made me think, "wow I can't believe that's a baby moving, and it
s my baby." Some days I just sit back and stare at my roundness and can't believe that this magical event is taking place in my body. When we were told I have PCOS and that having kids would be a great challenge, we just stopped worrying about birth control and just let loose and almost relaxed about not getting pregnant. 2 months after my diagnosis I was pregnant and in absolute disbelief. How could I be pregnant after 2 short months of "trying" (which by the way, we weren't trying at all, it just happened.)? Don't get me wrong, I am more than thrilled to be having a baby, and so is Chase, it's just not how we planned it. I guess things don't always go as we plan and maybe that's a good thing :) For now I'm going to enjoy my son's tiny kicks and his somersaults and acrobatics in there because when he is born I'm never going to let him go.

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