Jul 18, 2010

21 years..

Today I turn 21. My life has had some pretty crazy turns in it but all in all I am so happy with where I am. Its long and I understand if you don't want to read it but I wanted to record my life somewhere.

21 years ago my parents brought me home from the hospital and Cameron welcomed me by hurdle jumping over my tiny body.

20 years ago my mom dressed me in the ugliest aqua dress for my 1st birthday.

19 years ago my hair was finally grown in and was whiter than anything.

18 years ago my mom lost me at the beach and I went for a swim with sea lions.

17 years ago I wore the coolest pink Ninja Turtles shirt passed from my brothers to me and worshiped them.

16 years ago I started Kindergarten and was the youngest in my class.

15 years ago we lived in an apartment with 5 people and I have the fondest memories of my childhood there living close quarters with my brothers.

14 years ago I learned Spanish and met my first Jewish friend.

13 years ago I was baptized by my dad and sang publicly for the first and last time.

12 years ago Casey was born a month before my 9th birthday and it was the best present I could have.

11 years ago I left my childhood behind and moved to Pinetop and met Sophie in Sunday school.

10 years ago I went to Girl's Camp for the first time even though I was 11.

9 years ago I became a Young Woman.

8 years ago I became a teenager

7 years ago I started high school and wore the same pants as Roxanne Roud to the first day of school and she wanted to kill me... ha

6 years ago I got into the most trouble I've ever been in and let myself down.

5 years ago I moved away for the summer to live with my cousin and nanny her kids. I still do it to this day.

4 years ago I was a senior in high school and had no idea what I was going to do with myself.

3 years ago I met Chase and he asked me the most important question of my life.

2 years ago Chase and I were married.

1 year ago was a very rough year but we made it through..

Today I can't believe I'm 21. I've had a crazy life but a great one because I have an incredible husband, amazing in-laws, and the most loving and accepting parents anyone could dream of.


  1. awe paige! this is such a cute post! You are so amazing! I am so glad to know you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND!!

  2. happy birthday paige! i like this post. i am glad your happy with where you are at in life :)

  3. This was a good post!! Happy Birthday FFF! baha
    and im so glad i made it into the memories. I remember that sunday like it was yesterday!