Jun 15, 2010


So this past month has been the worst ever. Chase got into his accident, which means the bike is totaled, we have about $3000 in medical bills with no insurance, his collar bone is broken, we now only have one car to get both of us to work.. That was the beginning.

Then our Focus started to run really weird and idle really rough and die while at a stop light. So I just let it go thinking its just something my dad or uncle can fix, well it wasn't. Then the air goes out.. AWESOME. Its June in Arizona and I have no air conditioning in my car, which I have to have for work since I tote kids around. So I took it to the shop and luckily it was only $200 to fix. Well I get in the car this morning and NO AIR after they fixed it... UGH!!!!

Last night I wanted to deposit my paycheck that happened to be in cash, when we get to the bank and my wallet is nowhere to be found. We checked everywhere, nowhere still.. SO I cancel my cards and kiss my paycheck goodbye. I found out that someone had turned it in after some how it got out of my purse at Pete's Fish and Chips.. someone who didn't take any money out and returned my wallet. That is the only good thing that has happened this week.

This is just been a bad month and I'm trying to see the bright side and it just doesn't seem like there is one..

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