Jun 7, 2010

its been a while

I do realize that it has been like a month since I've written anything on here so here it goes;

Chase has started taking some online computer classes at MCC and is working towards a business major. Yippie! He also got into a motorcycle accident 3 weeks ago and broke his collar bone and got some disgusting road rash but he is mostly better now. His bone won't heal for another 3-4 weeks but other than that he is doing much better. Quite the scary incident.. I'm just grateful all he got was a broken bone.

I am still nannying for my 4 kids and not really loving it but its an easy job and we need the money so we can get into a house soon before I go crazy! Nothing else is exiting in my life.

Cameron is getting married on July 16th so its nice that I'll have a sister-in-law since I've never had a sister.

Thats really it folks. Exciting I know.

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