May 21, 2012

6 months

Half a year, 6 months, 182 days, 26 weeks, however you want to say it. Link is 6 months old and I seriously can't believe it. Where has time gone? Some nights after he's asleep I'll just stare at how long he is and how I need to cut out the feet on his footie jammies because they are too small and make his toes curl. It's bittersweet. I love seeing him grow and progress but I long for the newborn days of napping and soft coos. I miss him wanting to cuddle with me instead of trying to reach anything that is near him. He's so big but still so small. There are many more months ahead but these past 6 have been a true treasure. I watch him learn new things everyday and still can't believe he came from me. He and Chase are my reason for living. I never knew how much I could until now. Happy 6 months my darling child, I love you.

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