Jun 9, 2011


There are so many things that I need to get done before baby arrives and I know I have like 5 months left, I just feel like I need to get organized. I would love to get everything done by November but I just know that's not going to happen especially working and being exhausted(and fat)so I'm just going to limit myself to a few goals and hopefully get those done.

1. Do a SERIOUS deep clean of the house. I always feel like its dirty and unorganized so this is my chance to get everything in it's correct home.

2. Get new furniture for the living room and rearrange for more space.

3. Do more for myself. I don't take care of myself like I should especially now that I'm pregnant. I want to exercise more, get my hair done, take myself out to lunch :)

4. Spend more time with Chase. We are both so busy and it's only going to get worse when baby shows up so I want to cherish this time together.

5. Save more money. Chase was fortunate enough to get a BIG raise last month so that extra income is helping so much. I feel like we are finally ahead after being unemployed for so long but we could do better with savings and now that we have a reason to save we are trying a lot more.

I realllllly am hoping to stick to these and hoping my pregnant brain remembers :)


  1. your goals are great paige! believe it or not, you'll remember to do anything that has to do with the little one. i was hoping to just do a deep clean once, haha but i've done a "deep" clean about 4 or 5 times just cuz i'm super anxious, and have nothing else to do! haha so no worries-- you'll get it done! :)

  2. Rae!! I hope your shower was soo fun! I'm sorry I missed it :( I started my deep clean today and got tired and now its even more of a mess hah!

  3. Hey Paige, I know we haven't talked in like... what... 4 years!! wow. I have been looking at your blog though a few times (please don't think I am a stalker, I just miss everyone sometimes and I like to know how everyone is now that I don't have a fb). I am glad to see that you are doing so well though and CONGRATS!!! I know he will be super cute! As to your goals, I have been doing a lot of that too lately although I have not written them out yet which makes you one step more organized than me :) but I don't know if you have heard about Dave Ramsey, he has a book called the Total Money Makeover, my boyfriend and I are currently reading it and listening to his radio show, he has a free podcast on itunes. It has totally changed the way I look at money and I highly recommend it to you guys, since I won't be able to give you a gift probably when the baby comes I figure (even though I know its probably a little weird) I can give you maybe a recommendation that will help you guys out as much as its helped me. Anyway, congrats again, I am really happy for you, let me know if you get the book and if it does you any good :).

  4. Hannah! thanks so much! its so great to hear from you. thanks for the advice and the connection!

  5. No problem, like I said I hope it helps! I have a blog too its hannahnmatrix.blogspot.com... Its really boring and people think I'm slightly crazy because its about me and my cat but whatever. I'm just jealous because I am neither married or having babies so I am officially the crazy cat lady until I get my crap together haha. It is soo good to hear that all of my old friends are doing so well, sorry to hear about your car though.