Mar 26, 2011

how we found out

I wanted to write down the milestones of this pregnancy and I would imagine the biggest ones would be finding out you are pregnant and giving birth so here we go:

I had thought that I had been pregnant for a while but had taken a few tests and they all came out negative so I was so upset but figured life goes on and kinda forgot about it. Well March 9th rolled around and I hadn't had a period or spotting or anything since December 28th so I figured I have 1 test left so I'll just try it. I came home from work and had to pee super bad like always and so I saw the little test sitting there and said why not so I peed on it. I didn't expect it to have 2 lines and so I walked away and came back 3 minutes later and saw 2 lines and freaked out! I didn't know what to do. Chase was riding his bike home from work and I didn't know how long it would be so I called and called but no answer, so I tired my mom and no answer, so I called my dad and blurted the news! I couldn't hold it in!! When Chase got home I ran outside with the test and held it out and he said what is that? and all I said was "it's positive!" then I ran to him and started sobbing. It was just perfect.