Apr 10, 2010

Art Walk and Typewriter

So we love our Saturdays since we get to see each other for more than 5 hours in the day, so we spend our time wisely. Today we went to San Tan Village and saw the art walk that was put on by some charity, there are way too many to remember which one does what. They had some amazing pastel work. The colors were SO bright and vibrant that I couldn't help but think of spring, even though it was like 90 out.. and we were outside. Regardless of the heat the art walk was mind blowing. Some people have such a talent for art and I am supremely jealous. I hope you enjoy these pictures.

Oh and I got a typewriter finally at Goodwill on half off day, so it was 5 dollars. Booyah.


  1. Oh man.. i wish we would have known about that!!! It looks like it was pretty neat!! You and your typewriter!! haha you are so cute paige!

  2. I love my typewriter! i'm in the process of converting my recipes into typewriter form.